Queen of Fire

Queen of Fire - Anthony  Ryan “But people are still people, however comfortable their surroundings. They lie, they feud, they betray and however much you give them, they always want more.”

For a much anticipated ending to one of the most loved series, Queen of Fire is a disappointment. This is full of Forests, Ice, Battle, Pointless fucking Forests Again, Caves and Halle-fucking-lujah more Battle. There were just too many pointless characters being introduced it's a pain keeping yourself from dosing off. And then there's battle. Everywhere you go there's some kind of battle. I found myself skipping most of the battle parts. And then there's our own Daenerys Targaryen Queen Lyrna.


And...of course there's more


There are too many loose endings with this book. It's like the author is keeping a way to come back to this series at some point. After the 75% of the book, the revelations start. And there's just so many of it, everything is rushed. After waiting for two books, I found no joy in learning about the Ally and his plans are utterly underwhelming.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love this series and I'd recommend it to everyone. But the way Blood Song started I imagined a whole lot of epic and this book did not deliver.


3.5 Stars