Tower Lord

Tower Lord - Anthony  Ryan “That if the stars in the sky are not fixed, then nothing is fixed. Nothing is eternal, all is temporary and ever-changing.” She turned away from the stars, meeting his gaze. “Nothing is fixed, my lord. No course is so set it cannot be changed.”

After embarking on Lord Vaelin Al Sorna's journey on Blood Song, this book is a treat for it has multiple POVs and gives us insight in so much more of the story. This book is awesomesauce. I can assure you that this book is an awesome ride from the start to the very end.

Remember this, Queen, when you watch the flames rise high, remember this and ask yourself: would I do this again?”

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“Pardon me,” Reva said, pausing.
He was a tall man and she was obliged to look up at him, though not tall enough to be out of reach. “Your nose appears to be bleeding.”
He frowned, fingers coming up to touch his nose, coming away clean. “I don’t . . .”
His head snapped back from the force of the blow, nose breaking, though not with enough force to kill him. He stumbled backwards to collide with the wall, sinking to the floor, blood streaming down his face.
“My mistake,” Reva said, moving on. “Now it’s bleeding.”