The Autumn Republic

The Autumn Republic - Brian  McClellan “You have my sword. You have my pistol. You have my Privileged and artillery. You have my sixty thousand. Our alliance will cause Ipille to quake and the Kez will pay for their crimes.”

The Autumn Republic is a bittersweet read for the readers of The Powder Mage series. As with all the endings, this book leaves a hollow feeling for the readers; not because of any loose endings or the book not being up to par with it's prequels. But only because the story comes to an end, the characters with whom we have formed some kind of love/hate bonding are never to return in the same way again. No amount of re-reading will give us the same feeling that we have formed on the first read. The first journey. It is much like our first love. We might love again and again but nothing will compare to the first ever awareness of the butterflies in the stomach. In the end only one question remains : Did the book live up to it's potential?

The book begins with it's own usual wartime drama. The one remarkable thing about this book is that every hero has flaws, and every villain has understandable motivation. Field Marshall Tamas returns to his country to find its Capital, Adro under control of an invader; with the army divided; a god dead; another on the rise and a whole lot of kidnapping, fighting and death later the story concludes with most of the loose ends stitched up but with a whole lot of potential for self imagination. This is a worthy conclusion to a fantastic trilogy. For the fear of spoiling the book, I'd just say that this is an epic fantasy trilogy that's worth a try for the fantasy readers.

4.5 Stars

“I would die for my country. But I’d rather kill for it. Ready your troops. We march!”