Anathema - Rachel Vincent I feel like my life is a book, and someone turned the page before I was ready, and now I can’t follow the story.


Rachel Vincent does it again. Another bold and refreshingly different story with a storyline that will instantly engage, a plethora of zombie-like demons, controversial plot and a group of rogue exorcists. Every dark and twisted fantasies come to life in The Stars Never Rise.


This book is about a dystopian world, ruled by the Unified Church, and it’s main job is to make sure that the civilians live a sinless life. They also want to guarantee the survival of human race since it’s future is threatened by demons. It is the ultimate battle of good and evil. There are monsters with human faces and those with kick-ass abilities. There are moments of heartbreak, joy, shock, solidarity and much more. And they all come together to create a story that is epic, unputdownable and unforgettable.

“We are endless, Nina. We are legion.” The demon stood straighter and frowned, as if my lack of a reaction disappointed her. “We outnumber the grains of sand on the beach, the drops of water in the ocean. The seas in hell rage with us, rising and falling in waves, cresting and crushing one another. We bleed and moan and starve, yet we cannot die. We think of nothing but escape, yet there is nowhere to go. Nowhere but here. And for every one of us that breaks through, anchored in your world by the souls we devour, there are thousands still waiting, begging, fighting for the chance. Every time one of us fails in that endeavor, another will rise to take its place. You. Cannot. Win.”

The Stars Never Rise is a fantastic, gripping and addictive story, it consumes your soul and leaves you wanting for more. The concept is unique and thrilling with a struggling heroine, complex love interest, the bad guys and the twist you ‘never saw coming’.

I had no home. I had no clothes except what I was wearing. I had no food except what belonged to Finn. I had no information except what had come from him. And I had nowhere to go and no one to trust. There was nothing left. Except Finn.

“The degenerate from this morning was only the first. More will find you, and you can’t take them all on by yourself. You need us, Nina. You need us every bit as much as we need you.”


""If I was going down, I would go down fighting.""

There's potential for a really great series here. Here's hoping for even more action, more surprises and more of these characters being funny and awesome in the next book. 4.5 Rising Stars