Magic Shifts

Magic Shifts - Ilona Andrews “So you got fired?”
“I quit.”
“When I quit the Order, you told me I was besmirched.”
“That’s because you quit in a huff over some silliness like trying to save people’s lives. I quit to maximize my earning potential. Don’t you know being a hero is a losing bet? The pay is shit and people hate you for it.” Luther looked at Curran. “Who is the male specimen?”
Curran offered Luther his hand. “Lennart.”
Luther grabbed Curran’s hand and smelled it. “Shapeshifter, feline, probably a lion, but not the run-of-the-mill African Simba. You’ve got an odd scent about you.” He glanced at me. “Why do you always hang out with weirdos?”

Have you ever had one of those moment when you get one of the latest release from your favorite series and just stare at it and smile like a lunatic? Like this?


No? Okay, get off my review. You're abnormal!

Anywho, Kate Daniels series is like one of your old schoolmate. It's familiar with a healthy dose of witty comebacks and to-die-for characters. Though compared to the other books in the series this one felt a little slow and the action took a lot of time in coming.

“How have you been?” my father asked.
Say something diplomatic . . . something . . . “If you build a tower in Lawrenceville, I will smash it, set it on fire, and salt the ground it stood on.”

It took so long to get a glimpse of Roland! I wish the other book would feature him a lot more.

“One does not simply ring Roland.""

So the usual dose of kidnapping, murder, dangers, mythological creatures and some lovey-dovey is packed into this book. Some new characters are introduced and most of the old gang is still there with some new developments.

“One doesn’t let her fiancé fight a horde of ghouls by himself. Some things were just not done.”


“Where were you? What happened?” I carved a chunk out of another lizard’s face.
“I just took the kids to fight some ghouls,” Curran said.
Oh, so it was fine, then . . . Wait. “You did what?”
He kicked a lizard. It flew into the others like a cannonball. “I called Jim before we left the house to talk about ghouls, and he said they found some in the MARTA tunnels. So I grabbed the kids and did a little hunting.”
I would kill him. “Just so I get it right, Jim calls you and says, ‘Hey, we found a horde of ghouls in the MARTA tunnels,’ and your first thought was, ‘Great, I’ll take the kids’?”
“They had fun.” A careful note crept into his voice. Curran saw the shark fin in the water but wasn’t sure where the bite would be coming from.
“You even took the dog.”
Grendel chose that moment to try to shove past me. I shoved him back into the Guild and he began running back and forth behind us, growling.
“He had fun, too. Look at him. He’s still excited.”

3.5 Stars

Last but not the least... ;)

“Try to look casual.” I pulled the top book out and put it on the desk.
“Because what I’m doing is illegal without a warrant, and we have about twenty witnesses observing our every move.”
Curran crossed his arms, making his biceps bulge, leaned against the desk, and fixed our audience with his stare. Everyone spontaneously decided to look anywhere else but at us. Right. Casual, my foot.
“See,” he said. “No witnesses.”