Vision in Silver

Vision in Silver - Anne Bishop 5 SHINY STARS

This book has been giving us a hell of a ride. It's not everyone's cuppa but the chemistry between Meg and the Others is what's keeping me so glued to this series. And from what Anne Bishop delivered in this book, I'm staying right where I am waiting for the next storm book to hit.

So, in this installment, we've reached a crossroads of sorts. Humans First and Last Movement is getting stronger by the day. Shortages on food, blames on Others, aggravating the Others is leading to the moment when Others are at their wits end ready for retaliation. What's stopping them from the wiping any hint of human from Thaisia is Meg. With her childlike view of the world, she's gotten the full attention of not just the Others living in the courtyard but the Terra indigene all over Thaisia.

""She wasn't a wolf. She wasn't a terra indigene. Despite that, Meg was becoming one of them.""


This book is a blend of Meg and the Others in the courtyard coming to terms with what it means to have a human pack, to have humans who can coexist with the Others. The relationship was evolving and it was like the feeling of looking at your children and watching them wise up. I've been hooked to this series from the first page of Written in Red and the journey to this third book has only strengthen the bond.

All set for the next book!