Promise of Blood

Promise of Blood - Brian  McClellan "" The Age of Kings is dead . . . and I have killed it.""


Since I've been rolling in high fantasy for a little over a week, I took the risk of picking up the pre-novellas of The Powder Mage series. Lo and behold, the novellas captured my attention. After going through all the pre-novellas, six of them, Promise of Blood was such an intense, action packed opening to a series. It grabs you into it's folds and keeps you running the roller coaster of emotions throughout the book. It has a complex, intriguing magic system, great characters and a clever plot that keeps the readers on their toes up until the very end.

With a story told from multiple POV's; none of which let me down; the book opens with a coup in progress and the nobility getting intimate with a guillotine.



“You gorged them on the blood of the nobility,” Mihali said gently. “They drank, but were not filled. They ate of hatred and grew hungrier.”

The magic system in the book was the ultimate winner. ""Powder Mages"" snort gunpowder to induce a ""powder trance"" where they become stronger, faster, and they can ignite gunpowder at will and manipulate bullets to travel further and on target. Such a different style and it certainly delivers what the title promises. Blood

With the promise of war on the horizon, the book does a 180 on our belief system and goes from politics, facts to prophecies, gods and what-not.

“I believed it had been long enough that Kresimir would never return. I believed it was time for change. I thought all of Rozalia’s concerns were foolish, and that Julene was living in the past. I believed we were alone.”
“My people have never been alone. The others may have left. I did not.”



4.5 Promising Stars