God Save the Queen

God Save the Queen - Kate Locke A very interesting world-building and a total page-turner!

“For a moment I hoped I was in heaven--or wherever it is my kind go when death calls...Instead I opened my eyes and discovered that I was in hospital. The flimsy little gown they'd put me in had tiny pink piggies on it. My first thought was that I had to have been in bad shape to be admitted. My second, I'm ashamed to admit, was whether or not they'd let me take the nightie home with me.”

God Save the Queen is set in an alternate steampunk universe. The story follows Xandra, a half-human, half-vampire who's sole purpose is to protect the Aristocracy- the vampires and werewolf purebreds. She's also stubborn and remains in denial for a large part of the story. Xandra's devotion to her family is what sets into motion a series of events that leads to the unraveling of an intriguing mystery with a surprising twist. The best things about this book was the setting. This book was ingenuous and mind boggling!

Xandra’s love interest Vex MacLaughlin was the perfect man errr werewolf. Kind, caring, sexy, and he could cook – this Alpha wolf was everything a gal could want.

I really found myself liking her family unit, particularly the relationships she has with her siblings but some of the characters I'm most interested in finding out more about are Vex (the Alpha of the British werewolves) and the Goblin Prince. I have a feeling there are a lot more secrets still to uncover and I'll be interested to see how the story develops in the next book.

God Save the Queen has a lot of worldbuilding. While fantastic and entertaining as the book goes on, it is a little overwhelming at first. It took me a little bit to understand the Aristocracy/Halvie/Plague, but once I got it all sussed out in my head the rest of the book was a breeze. There were unexpected plot developments throughout, and I loved how the book ended, as the necessary loose ends were tied up so as not to make the book too much of a cliff-hanger. Needless to say I’m excited for book two!

I met his gaze evenly. He looked genuinely concerned and I felt like a cad for lying to him. I wanted to tell him how sorry I was. “They were, thank you. Sir, I . . .” I heard something that drew my attention, smelled something that brought my fangs out fast and hard – fear.

I whirled around. The orchestra still played, the dancers continued to dance. Conversation buzzed around us, but my attention went immediately to the one thing that didn’t belong.

Up on the balcony. A human with a rifle – pointed at the Queen.

“Gun!” I yelled, my voice seeming to reverberate around me. As I leapt forward, I was aware of several things at once: the music screeching to a halt, the discharge of the rifle, screams, and how sweet that human bastard smelled.

How the bloody hell could I smell him from where I was?

I moved faster than I ever had before – or at least I seemed to. One moment I was beside Church; the next I crashed to the floor, my shoulder exploding with pain as I took the Queen with me.

I sucked in air, forced myself to reach for the Bulldog hidden in my bustle. Hot blood ran down my left arm. I’d been shot. Damnation, it hurt. Felt like my shoulder was on fire. My head and stomach churned in opposite rotations.

Tetracycline. Fang me, there was tetracycline in the bullet. And the bullet was silver. It had gone straight through – luckily for me. It still hurt like hell.

“Your Majesty, are you all right?” I demanded, positioning myself so I wouldn’t drip blood on her. Plague me, even my eyes burned.

“Quite,” she replied, looking both shocked and relieved. “Young lady, you are most extraordinary.”