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Yet another series that comes to an end. But in a way I'm glad it ended. 15 books were dragging it a bit, I guess. And the book ended on a good note, too. Though a part of me says..


But I know it would have been cruel to take it farther. I'm having trouble forming words to best describe this book or this series since the review of this book will go a long way to describe the whole series to those who haven't read the series and to those who have read and want to know the views of fellow reader. I've been reading Morganville Vampires for quite a while now so I know what it was like to wait for the books to come out and the thrill of living the adventure with Claire, Eve, Michael, Shane, Myrnin. Amelie and Oliver. It saddens me to think that there'll be no more wait, no more adventures to go upon. But like Rachel Caine wrote in the ending of the book...

Welcome to the future of Morganville. Now, you get to continue the adventure in your imagination and dreams and passion and fighting for those you love. GO! Adventure awaits.

After reading/living through these 15 books we've developed a keen imagination so yeah we'll not let the story end just here.


Anything I might say won't be enough to express the way I feel about this series, the author and the characters that I've come to love and hate. I think it'll be enough to write that I know in my heart that I won't forget this series and yeah there's always 're-reading' :) And hey we have a show coming up on the series so we'll get to see the action play on TV. Desperately waiting for the show to go on air. So that's that. See you all guys when I re-read the books.


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Definitely one of the best covers in the series. Me likes..

So I'm guessing it's going to be the last in the series?