Poison Princess

Poison Princess - Kresley Cole Buzzkill (n. or v.trans.)
1. Buzzkill: anything that takes the edge off your fluff, a downer, something that ruins your good mood; a killjoy.
2. (verb) to selectively and deliberately bring down someone's mood by actions that are designed to irritate, annoy or downright upset a person.

So, you have an idea of a post apocalyptic world where the story begins before the apocalypse, you take the audience through the said apocalypse, you create characters with super powers, you create bad villians, good role models, crazies, hotties, loss, love, etc etc. Now what do you do? Ah, you got it! You give the reins of the story to a half-assed, pampered, insensitive, delusional, worse-than-Bella character. And Voila! you get Poison Princess! Tada!


The story dragged from the very beginning. Not just dragged but d-r-a-g-g-e-d. The characters had no depth. Evie, the above mentioned half-assed protagonist made me cringe most of the times because seriously I was more humiliated on her behalf than she herself. I did not like the Cajun character even though he was the 'hottie' of the story. I couldn't connect with even a single piece of word in the book. And that's saying something...


Such a buzzkill... 1.5 stars