Review: To all the boys I've loved before

To All the Boys I've Loved Before - Jenny Han

3.5 Stars


Lara Jean is a half Korean teenager who is the middle sister to older Margot and little Kitty. Their mother passed away nine years prior to the events in the novel. So basically it's Lara Jean and Margot who looks after the family. In the start of the book, Margot goes away to Scotland for college. And thus the responsibility of her Dad and little sister Kitty falls under Lara jean's shoulder.

It is a very sweet portrayal of a family who depend upon each other to make life livable. The way Han writes the story it's like the family comes into life easily in your imagination.

As the blurb suggests, Lara jean is a hopeless romantic. With her sister going away and breaking up with their next-door neighbor, the guy Lara Jean used to crush upon, Josh, the story starts building up in an enthralling way. You may like this book or you may not but one thing is sure,you will not want to leave this book until you're finished with the story.

“My letters are for when I don't want to be in love anymore. They're for good-bye. Because after I write in my letter, I'm not longer consumed by my all-consuming love...My letters set me free. Or at least they're supposed to.”

The story builds up with Lara Jean's old hatbox missing. So when she meets her classmate Peter Kavinsky in the school and he confronts her about the love letter she sent him, it's a shock for Lara Jean that not only did her hatbox and the letters inside it went missing but they were mailed to whoever those were written to. All in all there were 5 letters to her 5 crushes and looks like one of her earlier crush was the one and only Josh, her sisters ex-boyfriend.

Now let me not spoil the whole story for you but let's just say that there's some fake contract and fake boyfriend included in the story which surprisingly goes well with the teenage drama.

There were a few references to other books that made me happy. Like the one with the harry potter reference. Considering I finished this book in one sitting, I enjoyed it. There were just some moments when the drama got overwhelming, Lara Jean acted like a foolish 11-year old but there were also moments which made me sad, happy and looking forward to where all this angst was leading.

I thought this book was a stand alone so it was a shocker to find the story ending the way it did but now that the next book is lined-up, I'm very much looking forward to reading it.



Me wants this book like right now...